About Us

Who we are

Maharashtra Mandal Qatar – a non-profit organization was established in 1997 in order to foster and cherish distinctive cultural heritage of Marathi speaking people from Maharashtra (India), residing in the The State of Qatar . Mandal has grown from a small group of founding members to 1000 plus members till date. Last 20 years Mandal has been functioning to preserve Maharashtrian culture here in Qatar.

Our Mandal is well known for it’s keen interest in Art & Theater. Throughout year Mandal arranges various entertainment programs conducted by professional artists, amateur local members. In order to transmit Marathi cultural heritage to the next generation, festivals likeDiwali, Makarsankrant and Chaitramas are celebrated by focusing on our customs, rituals and traditions and while doing so we ensure that local laws are followed properly.

Mandal not only arranges programs of well-established artists but also provides a platform for our talented members to show their talent through different programs such as “SwarAaleJuluni”, “AvishkarEkankikaMohotsav”, & “Chaitramas”.

What we do

It is very essential to preserve and pass on culture and traditions to our next generation. Being NRI it becomes very important aspect too. Mandal organizes cultural & traditional programs for our membersin a way they can understand and seek their active participation.

Every year in October, Annual General Meeting is held to review accomplishment of incumbent Working Committee and to elect new President along with Working Committee for next year. This autonomous body continues to carry on the tradition with sincere efforts though out the entire year.

The main objective of Mandal is to maintain Marathi culture, Maharashtrian values and the traditions by organizing musical concerts, staging dramas, dance performances, and encouraging the youth participation in various socialand cultural activities.

Since our inception, Maharashtra Mandal Qatar has been trying to structure the relationship among its members through rich cultural, social & traditional activities.

Lets Change the world we all together,

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